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What can I expect from Matter Of Maths Tutor sessions?

Secondary Students

Matter of Maths TutorEach Matter Of Maths tutor session is individually tailored to each student. Every week, secondary students will receive a lesson resource which will contain all worked solutions to questions completed during the lesson. Within this, worksheet questions will also be set for the student to answer prior to the next session. Not only is the lesson resource useful for future revision, the worksheet provides a good insight into the students understanding of the taught material.

When it comes to topics, secondary students up to Year 10 cover what is currently being taught at school. This builds a students confidence alongside directly improving any end of term assessments.

Year 11 is a very important year which is why Maths tutor sessions slightly differ. It is crucial that our time is used efficiently. This is why Year 11 Matter Of Maths Tutor sessions are tailored specifically to topics of weakness. These can be from a previous mock or to the students own knowledge. This aims to directly improve students GCSE results by focusing on areas of improvement.

Primary Students

Primary Maths tutorPrimary students differ slightly due to the needs of engaging younger students via online Maths tutoring. A software called Bitpaper is used which allows myself and students to right on the same screen as a shared workspace. This keeps primary students engaged and is particularly useful in topics such as shape. Primary students will still receive a worksheet with questions to look at prior to next session. Once again, this gives me an insight into a students understanding of taught material.

In terms of topics covered in Maths tutor sessions, primary students look at the topics currently being taught at their school. There is no better feeling than leaving a classroom having full understanding of what has been taught. It is this confidence i continue to develop in my primary students.