Percentage of Amounts (KS4: Year 10 and 11)

How do I join the session?

One day before the lesson you will receive a link and passcode to join the lesson. Click the link and type in the passcode.

You will then have the option to join on the website or via the zoom app.

I would recommend downloading the zoom app and joining via zoom.

What will be covered in the lesson?

A lesson on percentage of amounts for students in year 10 and 11. We will cover the following in the lesson:

  1. Percentages of Amounts
  2. Percentage Increase and Decrease
  3. Percentage Change

Why do students need to know about percentages?

Percentages are everywhere in the real world. For example, you may see discounts of ‘10% off’ in your local shop and it’s important to be able to work out if the deal is worth it!

Beyond this, percentages are closely linked to fractions and decimals. We can often be asked to convert between all three and having a good understanding of percentages will help with this.

Will there be more sessions on percentages?

As mentioned above, percentages is closely linked to fractions and decimals so it will definitely reappear in these topics. We will also cover percentages in more detail in upcoming lessons by taking a look at interest and reverse percentages.

Can I request a topic to cover?

Yes! Get in contact by filling in the form below and I will schedule a lesson for the topic of your choice!

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