Surface Area of Prisms (KS4)

How do I join the session?

One day before the lesson you will receive a link and passcode to join the lesson. Click the link and type in the passcode.

You will then have the option to join on the website or via the zoom app.

I would recommend downloading the zoom app and joining via zoom.

What will be covered in the lesson?

A lesson on surface area of prisms for students in year 10 and 11. We will cover the following in the lesson:

  1. Surface Area of Prisms
  2. Surface Area of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

Why do students need to know about the surface area of prisms?

The surface area of prisms takes the concept of area to the next level. Surface Area is a topic that can appear in both higher and foundation exams.

Surface Area requires us to work out the area of all sides of a 3D shape. This can be difficult as some 3D shapes have many sides which makes it easy to miss them out and make mistakes.

Can I request a topic to cover?

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