Welcome to Matter of Maths Tuition

As a young and enthusiastic mathematician, my life revolves around Maths and it’s tutoring.

I am an experienced Maths Tutor for Primary to Secondary students and here to help anyone and everyone with their Maths. No matter if you are a mature student retaking your GCSE’s, a parent concerned about your child’s grades or home educating your child, I am here to help!

Being a BSc Mathematics and Sport Science graduate means i have a strong mathematical background. With experience teaching in secondary schools, my understanding of the national curriculum and the methods in which Maths is taught is extensive.

Across England, it is common for students to learn singular methods to tackle questions across different topics. I am a strong believer that all brains do not work the same and ‘one method does not fit all’. All Matter Of Maths tuition lessons are tailored to each individual student and their way of working.

Having had a Maths tutor myself, i have seen the benefits first hand of what extra support can bring. There is no way you could have told me in Year 9 that i would one day study Maths at university and go on to tutor! I am motivated to change students’ outlook on Maths to lead all to success!

Types of Tuition Lessons

Group Lessons

There are group lessons for home ed students and for school students.

Home Ed Students: Maximum of 15 students per group, £5 per student.

School Students: Maximum of 5 students per group, £15 per student.

One-to-One Lessons

One-to-One lessons are available for both school students and home ed students.

Find out more about one-to-one lessons here.

You can book a Free taster lesson to get an idea of how our one-to-one tuition works.