Group Lessons for Students at School

How do group lessons for school students work?

Matter Of Maths tuition groups are the best way to give your child quality maths tuition for an affordable price of £15 per lesson.

Maths tuition group lessons are 1 hour long and there are no more than 5 students per lesson. There are groups available for students in Year 7 to Year 11. Groups are fluid which means that if your child is excelling in their current group, they can step up to an older group. I feel that students should not be put in a box and should be given the foundations to flourish without limits.

For Year 11 students, groups are also divided into higher and foundation tiers to ensure students are taught the correct content for their GCSE exams.

If you are home educating your child, you can find group lessons for home educated students here. You can also find out more about one-to-one tuition here.

How is a group lesson structured?

I will often start group lessons with a series of worked examples to illustrate the problem and solutions. I will always pause to allow students to write these examples down and ask questions as we go. It is important that students are able to ask questions in a way that is comfortable for them. Students can ask questions by unmuting their mic or using the chat box.

There will also be an opportunity for students to attempt questions individually. There will be a mixture of exam questions and multiple choice questions to apply the work that is covered in the lesson.

Each week parents are sent an update of what was covered in the lesson alongside a pdf including all the questions and solutions. Take a look at the video below to see how a group lesson works.

Why not book a FREE group taster lesson?

Taster lessons are a great way for you to get a flavour of how our maths tuition lessons work.

Maths tuition lessons are delivered through Zoom video conferencing which you can install for free on your PC or Phone.

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FREE Taster Session

If you are home educating your child, you can find group lessons for home educated students here.

Absolutely. Fill in the contact form above to book a free taster lesson.

You can also take a look at the video above to give you an idea of how a group lesson works.

No. It is important that your child feels comfortable within the lesson and it is totally up to them if they have their camera on.

They can engage in the lesson by putting questions/answers in the chat box or unmute their mic to ask questions.